lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Which river are you most like and why?

All those who were born or who live on the bank of a river are assumed to spend some time on the river itself and to observe and understand its nature, its behavior, its character, in a few words its personality. As for me, I was born on the Soča (Isonzo) river and I can say that it reminds me of a young guy, active and quiet at the same time.
Instead, the river Sava reminds me of a middle-aged housewife, who spends her days preparing "pita" and gossiping with her neighbors.
Af for the river Danube, he's an old man, who likes telling stories to his grandchildren and who is proud of himself when troubadours from all over Europe sing about him.
The Neretva River is undoubtedly the reincarnation of Odysseus, an old-timey warrior who, after many years of fighting, is going to get some rest in the Adriatic sea.
Finally, the Drina river, the one that I like the most, because I identify with her: a nervous woman who cannot stay still for a minute and who, when enough is enough, burst her banks and overflows, without prior warning.
Today's winner is therefore the river Drina. But, as I spent some time on the banks of other rivers in Bosnia Hercegovina and Serbia, I wish to pay tribute to all of them. I hope you'll appreciate the pics and that you'll enjoy answering the question included in this post's title.
That's all.

Vrelo Bosne
Spring of the Bosna River (Ilidža, 2013)
The Skakavac waterfall, formed on the river Perućica (12 km from Sarajevo, 2013)
The Skakavac waterfall (ibid)
Drina Bijeljina
The river Drina (near Bijeljina, 2015)
The river Trebišnjica (Trebinje, 2013)
Janja Bijeljina
The river Janja (Bijeljina, 2015)
Sava Belgrado
The River Sava (Belgrade, 2015)
Novi Sad Danubio
The River Danube (Novi Sad, 2015)
Sava Brčko
The River Sava (Brčko, 2015)
Sava Brčko
Fishing on the river Sava (Brčko, 2015)
Somewhere, I don't know where (2013)
The river Bosna (Zavidovići, 2014)
Il ponte sulla Neretva
The bridge on the Neretva (Jablanica, 2013)
Confluence of Drina and Sava Rivers (Rača, 2014)
Sava Danubio Belgrado
Confluence of Sava and Danube Rivers (Belgrade, 2015)
Drina tramonto
Sunset on the Drina (near Bijeljina, 2015)
Sunset on the Sava (Belgrade, 2015)
The Danube in the night (Belgrade, 2015)

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