mercoledì 10 giugno 2015

A quick tour of Belgrade

Hi guys,
how are you? I hope you're well, as I am. I got back home last Sunday and I feel a little confused, as it always happens to me after a journey. I spent 10 days in Bosnia and Hercegovina and 4 in Serbia, where I visited Novi Sad and Belgrade. Don't ask me why, but I decided to write about this journey starting from Serbia's capital city, today's winner.
They say that the first impression is the most important one. Well, I think it's true and, from this point of view, I was really impressed by Belgrade, a modern european capital city, young and bustling, rich in history, arts and in green spots. I really liked it, this is the only thing I know for sure. But I spent there just three days and there was no time to go into topics I find interesting (theatre, arts, social issues). This is the reason why I prefer to talk about a "a quick tour" and not to waste your time in giving "tourist" information that you will find anywhere on the web.
Let me just say that if you want to travel in Serbia or in other countries of former Yugoslavia the first thing you have to do is to throw all your "media-convictions" out of the window, forget about them, look around and talk with the people you meet. If you don't do that you'll never understand anything.

I just wanna thank my friends Zorica and Milica for the time spent together. My wish is to go back to Belgrade soon: there are too many things to see, to many people to meet, too many places to go.
That's all.

Belgrado confluenza Sava Danubio
Once upon a time Sava met Danube...
Belgrado Sava
The quiet Sava
Belgrado automobile JUGO
yugo nostalgija
Belgrado calendario di Tito
Tito nostalgija
Belgrado tomba di Tito kuća cveća
Rest in peace, comrade Tito
Belgrado sede stato maggiore bombardamento NATO
NATO 1999
Belgrado mendicante
Old and young
Belgrado artista di strada
Belgrado vita notturna
I'm beautiful
Belgrado vita notturna
Dancing in the night
Belgrado ponte sulla Sava
Belgrado ponte sulla Sava
Belgrado fermata autobus
Waiting for the bus
Belgrado stadio Partizan
The Partizan stadium
Belgrado fermata autobus
Belgrado Savamala arte
Artistic deformations
Belgrado murales
Belgrado casa di artista
House of an artist
Belgrado murales
Belgrado kuća cveća
Belgrado edificio liberty
Belgrado vista da Kalemagdan
Modernity and tradition
Belgrado scultura robot
Post-modern man
Belgrado negozio di moda
Mirrored fashion
Belgrado negozio di abbigliamento
Belgrado pubblicità
Money without frontiers
Belgrado modellino waterfront
Belgrade Waterfront Project

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