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Sarajevo 1984-2015

I felt in love with Sarajevo two years ago, when I went there for the first time in my life. I really like it because from the very beginning I felt at home, thanks to the great sense of hospitality of its people, a feature that many Bosnians have in common, regardless of the "entity" in which they live or other stuff like political or religious convictions, which seem to be actually questions of power, more than other.
There was a war, many people died, many people suffered, but "now the game is over", this is what a lot of Bosnians told me all over the country. Civilians of any "nationality" that survived the war, men who were forced to serve in the army, men and women who decided to serve in the army in order to defend their homes, told me the same: "Idemo napred, ne nazad" (Let's go on and not back).
The question is: "Go where?" Bosnia and Hercegovina is nowadays full of banks of any kind, full of new mosques, full of new orthodox churches, full of shopping centers standing like "cathedrals in a desert", while industry lacks totally and more than 40% of its population is unemployed. Sarajevo is not an exception: while commercial buildings shine like the sun, many private houses and public spaces still bear traces of the war and post-war neglect.
Please excuse my harsh words but believe me, if I didn't care I would never talk about that.
That's all.

p.s. some pics where taken in 2013, some others last week. The situation didn't change a lot, with the exception of the Wojtyla Statue (a new entry - 2014) and that of the City Hall, which is now open; but first of all with the exception of Čika Mišo, who unfortunately died last year.

Lo stadio olimpico Zetra
Zetra, the Olympic stadium (2015)
Mountain Trebević (2015)
Trebević pista bob
The olympic bob sled (2015)
Trebević funivia
Once there was a cable-car (2015)
Looking through the holes (2015)
War archeology (2015)
cimitero ebraico Sarajevo
The old Jewish cemetery (2015)
cimitero ortodosso Sarajevo
I was Eighteen (2013)
cimitero mussulmano Sarajevo
Resting on the hill (2015)
Moschea Alipašina Sarajevo
The Alipašina džamija (2015)
Wojtyla Sarajevo
From Vatican to Sarajevo (2015)
caffe Tito Sarajevo
Tito is ours (2013)
Rest in peace, Čika Mišo (2013)
Sarajevo artigianato tradizionale
Me and my hands (2013)
Playing violin in Baščaršija (2013)
Reflexes of Baščaršija (2013)
Mercato coperto Sarajevo
Traditional trading (2013)
Modern trading (2015)
Without museum, without culture, without morale (2015)
Reflexes of modernity (2015)
Surfing on the wall (2015)
Sarajevo pista bob Trebević
Sarajevo 2015 (2015)

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