venerdì 10 luglio 2015

Bijeljina, a town where time passes naturally

Bijeljina is the main town in "Semberija", an agricultural region located between the Drina and Sava rivers, in north-eastern Bosnia-Hercegovina. I went there two times and both times I felt disoriented, without any particular reason. Just during my second visit, and after having walked and biked in the surroundings too, I realized that my feeling was related to my perception of time: it was passing in a different way. Why?
The answer is as simple to state, as it is hard to put into words: in agricultural areas it's Nature that dictates all the rhythms. Provided you're not a loyal customer of Monsanto or other "sustainable agriculture companies" (don't laugh: this is the way Monsanto defines itself), you cannot plant tomatoes in winter, you cannot water them at noon and finally, when they're ripe, you cannot wait to pick them up.
In a few words, your life is ruled by "Nature's natural time" and not by the artificial time, generated by a computerized assembly line or a management board or the BCE. If you are a passerby, addicted to city-postmodern-life, this Nature's time seems something strange and it's hard to get used to. But if you relax and let your hair down, something beautiful happens: you realize that you're part of Nature and Nature is part of you. Then, when you go back to your frantic city-life you have just to remember this. And it takes a great effort.
That's all

p.s. pics where taken in Bijeljina and surroundings. I wish to thank family Vasić for making me feeling home.

Bijeljina Bosnia
Novo Selo Bijeljina Bosnia
Velino Selo Bijeljina Bosnia
Cicogna Semberija Bosnia
Galline Bijeljina Bosnia
Bijeljina carro trainato da cavallo Bosnia
Novo selo bicicletta appesa Bosnia
Cimitero musulmano Bijeljina Bosnia
bar Tito Bosnia
stazione autobus Bijeljina Bosnia
Bijeljina statua Bosnia
Rom Bijeljina Bosnia
Bijeljina Bosnia
cimitero ortodosso bijeljina Bosnia
cimitero cattolico Bijeljina Bosnia
cimitero musulmano Bijeljina Bosnia
Moschea Bijeljina Bosnia
Drina Bijeljina Bosnia

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