lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Looking through Zoe's eyes

It was on Friday, May 8. I was laying down on "the Beach"***, trying to catch some energy from sun rays and from the croacky Jenis Joplin' s angry voice as well. Moving my left leg, my foot suddenly got in touch with something furry. I opened my eyes and saw a little dog, next to my towel, staring down at the rocks by the sea.
Zoe (this is her name) didn't seem nervous, nor afraid nor aggressive. She simply looked intrigued by something that was going on under her feet. I had twice a glance among the rocks, but I couldn't see anything. Yet something was actually going on, something misterious, curious, exciting, magic, according to the pet's sight.
I was so fascinated by Zoe's curiosity that I closed my eyes and started picturing in my head a hidden sea world made of little unfocused creatures, dancing with lights and shadows and chasing among the rocks.
Isn't that terrific? Yes it is and there's nothing more to add, except this: if we don't see what's going on, not necessarily there's nothing to see, more probably our soul, our mind, our senses or all of them went perfectly blind. Whether you're old or young, a man or a woman, an artist or a photographer, a clerk or a housewife there's just one possible treatment for this kind of blindness: open your mind and start to look at the world through Zoe's eyes, witch literally means through the eyes of life.
So, for reasons you may understand, today the winner is Zoe.
That's all.

*** Honestly speaking the place where I usually catch some rays, called "the Fork", isn't actually something that anybody in his right mind, could associate with the term "beach". It's rather a promenade, next to the main road leading to and from Trieste, which seasonally undergoes a genetical mutation: a nice place to walk, run or bike in spring and autumn (sometimes in winter too), a chaotic heap of bronzed and sweaty bodies aiming to soak up the sun, in summer.

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