giovedì 28 maggio 2015

Leandro the Fisherman

I met Leandro in Trieste, on the wharf named "Audace" (I prefer its original name, San Carlo/Saint Charles, a little more elegant that "audacious"), a place that is beloved by both townspeople and tourists, for its wonderful view over the gulf, especially at sunset.
It was a sunny day and I was wandering without any special aim. On the wharf there was someone sleeping, someone else reading a book or having a conversation. Finally there were some guys fishing. All of them had one fishing pole per person, except Leandro, who had three ones: one in his hands, the other two on the ground. This seemed to me quite curious and I decided to approach him. This was an excellent choice .
"What did you caught today?", I asked him while we were sitting on the wharf.
"Look!", he told me and opened a plastic bag. Inside there were squid and cattle fish, together with a scad.
"I come fishing here in Trieste quite every day, from the end of March to the end of May, every year", he explains to me. "I come in the evening, stay all night long and at about 11am I take the train and go back home."
Leando comes from Gorizia, my hometown, and went to the same middle school as me, the school Virgilio. He enjoys, as I do, meeting new people and talking with them. But a part of that, we don't have anything in common: my life, normal and sometimes boring, cannot be absolutely compared to his, adventurous and out of order.
He's 52, has two kids and plays guitar. For many years, he lived in a community. He also lived about four years in Amsterdam,  a city where I have never been and that seems quite different from Trieste and the rest of Italy.
According to Leandro's story Amsterdam is a bustling town, where, as I could understand, people have respect for others and if you're in trouble, government takes care of you. This doesn't mean that everything is perfect there, but it's better than here, where the motto is "every man for himself", with the blessing of government, always ready to save money on welfare (personal view).
We were talking about that while drinking a coffee at a neighborhood bar, run by some Chinese guys, where a couple of gipsies were playing the trumpet and the accordion. I took a "capo", a kind of coffee that you can find only here, but this is another story (later on I'm going to talk about that). For the moment I just want to declare Leandro today's winner, as I really enjoyed the time spent with him.
That's all.

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