domenica 10 maggio 2015

And the winner is

Hi everybody,
I hope everything is fine with you. I'm here today because I'm glad to inform you that I'm going to open a new section in this blog, called "And the winner is".
This section comes about of my desire to share with other people everyday life's situations that mostly impressed me or intrigued me or excited me. The main reason why I decided to start down this road is my never-ending curiosity for the “unknown” which, as detected by the anthropologists Monika Kostera and Jerzy Kociatkiewicz “does not necessarily have to be the Samoa islands”. As I'm actually jobless, I don't have money to travel and to visit the Samoa Islands or anything else on the other side of Planet Earth.
I was initially tempted to give up, to close my blog and all related activities, arguing that “there's nothing new, nothing original, nothing interesting that surrounds me and that is worth mentioning”. But, thanks to Zoe (the subject of my first post in this section) and to some interesting readings of the past weeks (including the essay “Empty spaces” by M. Kostera and J. Kociatkiewicz) I realized that my state of mind needed a change and started to observe with attention what was actually going on around me. And I discovered a world. So I'm here again, with this new section.
Each day a particular single animate or inanimate subject, a situation or a fact will be entitled as “The winner of the day”, so that it will remain engraved in my memory and will remind me that every single day is a blessing and that little things give meaning to life as chief world systems do.
As my audience comes from all over the world, I decided to write all posts in English. I apologize in advance for all mistakes I'm going to do. I hope however I'll improve over the time.
Tomorrow I'm going to share past days situations but onwards I'm going to provide the actual daily winner.
I really hope you'll enjoy and take part in this adventure.
That's all.

Important note: in order to avoid any kind of problems with the Italian rules (not so friendly with the freedom of expression) the blog will not be updated every day.


By the way… this is me!

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