venerdì 11 dicembre 2015

Living near a derelict steel works

People living near an old and derelict iron foundry are well aware of the meaning of words like "smoke", "dust", "iron", "carbon", "noise". Unfortunately some of them know just as well the meaning of "allergies", asthma", "chronic bronchopaty", "lung failure", "cancer".
In fact this post is not aimed at them but at those who still don't know or don't understand that living near a derelict steel works may be a nightmare, from many points of view (you can read some stories here, here, here and here).
I cannot depict the noise, I cannot depict the smell, I cannot depict the lung failure, I can just show you what my eyes saw in the past two months in Trieste.
That's all.

Valmaura Trieste Ferriera
Servola Ferriera Trieste Fumo
Valmaura Fumo Ferriera
Servola Fumo Ferriera
Servola Fumo Ferriera Notte
Ferriera Servola Altoforno Fumo Notte
Ferriera Servola Fumo Notte Cokeria
Ferriera Servola Fumo Cokeria Giorno
Servola Caligine Abitazione
Valmaura Caligine Tapparelle
Valmaura caligine mano
Servola Caligine Piedi Cellulare
Servola inalatore cortisonico per asma

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