martedì 10 novembre 2015

Besieged by pollution

The "red houses" is the nickname of a public housing complex in Trieste, in the Valmaura neighborhood. Built 35 years ago, it's literally besieged by pollution, surrounded as it is by the traffic of the highway at his left and by the fumes coming from the iron foundry at his right.
761 people are living there under inhumane conditions, struggling against the noise, the smoke, the iron dust, the carbon ash, the terrible smells and the grime.
Somebody cleans home every day to prevent the dust from spreading here and there, the fridge included. Somebody else lives with all the windows shut and the shades never up. Only rarely you can see children playing in the garden.
"Why don't they move away from there?" You may ask. Because many people cannot afford an average market rent for an apartment.
Some people I spoke with applied to be transferred to another public housing complex, but they didn't succeed, neither those affected by chronic bronchopathy, neither those with little children.
"Have you ever protested against this?" I asked an old woman living there, who collected for 20 years newspaper articles on the problems affecting the area."Yes, many times, but nothing changed. In fact I stopped to collect articles because I realized that I was wasting my time."
This is today's Italy and the "red houses" are just one example of many.

That's all.

Valmaura serpentone
Valmaura parcheggio case ATER
Valmaura ATER campo calcio
Valmaura ATER
Valmaura ATER
Valmaura ATER giochi
Valmaura ATER interno
Ferriera Servola

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  1. I worked in a foundry and when we had a week break we would all come back to work and think wow we look different clean.
    Like mining we cannot live without foundries just need to find ways of making it all cleaner and safer for all.