venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

A time for gypsies

This is my personal tribute to the Roma people that I met so far. Many times they suffer from prejudices due mostly to… ignorance. As for my personal experience I can just say that all the people who I met were really hospitable, they let me get into their homes, they offered me food and coffee, they let me spend some time with them. They gave me the possibility to see the way they live, even if it isn't always easy. Therefore I just wish to thank them… for everything.
That's all.

Uomo, Rom, Bijeljina
Uomo, Rom, Kosovo
Donna, Rom; Sarajevo
Ragazzi Rom
Donna, Rom, Guerra, Bosnia
Donna, Rom
Interno casa Rom
Donna, Rom, Trieste
Cimitero, Rom, Bijeljina
Cimitero, Rom, Bijeljina

4 commenti:

  1. Meraviglioso! :-)Terry

  2. L'autore dell'articolo era forse un ROM?

    1. No, l'autrice (non l'autore) è italiana.

  3. foto che trasudano umanità e dignità (nonostante il mondo circostante)