lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

Echoes from the past: the hydrodynamic plant of Trieste

The old port of Trieste, extending as it does over 60 hectares, is an abandoned public site, where the number of stray cats exceeds the number of human beings that you can see here and there. Almost all the buildings are in a very poor shape, due to the lack of indoor and outdoor maintenance for over thirty years. Among the very few renovated buildings there's the hydrodynamic plant which, through its extensive network of piping, supplied power to operate all the cranes and hoists in the port from 1890 to 1988, when it was closed.
While looking at the machines inside the plant I felt I went back in time, when industry was much more important than now and it was the workers who guided and used the machines, not the artificial intelligences, as it happens nowadays.

The following pics are dedicated to all these workers.

p.s. pics where taken yesterday during a guided tour led by some volunteers of "Italia nostra" (a cultural association which is actively involved in the protection of Italy's historical, artistic and natural heritage).

Centrale idrodinamica Trieste
Centrale idrodinamica dettaglio macchinario
Centrale idrodinamica ingranaggio
Centrale idrodinamica Breitfeld Danek
Centrale idrodinamica chiave inglese
Centrale idrodinamica dettaglio bulloni
Centrale idrodinamica Trieste pompa
Centrale idrodinamica porto
Centrale idrodinamica
Centrale idrodinamica trieste indicatori
Centrale idrodinamica Trieste caldaia
Centrale idrodinamica manovella
Centrale idrodinamica manovella ruota
Centrale idrodinamica dettaglio caldaia

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