domenica 16 agosto 2015

Living like chickens in a cage of emptiness

Some murals painted on the walls inside the public housing block named Melara (Trieste) clearly describe the feelings of desolation, loneliness, abandonment that you feel when you walk along the never-ending corridor of a prison-like structure, where 2500 humans live like chickens in a cage. Even when you meet people here and there you feel oppressed by the shadow of emptiness which hangs over you all the time.
Although it's just 6 km far from town centre, the low-income neighborhood is a world apart. This is not due to the people living there, but to the conditions in which they have to live, thanks to the architectural and social aberrations brought forth by politicians and architects who believed (and believe) that it's better to gather "the poor" in a single area and keep them out of sight.
Melara is just an example of modern (anti)social conceptions. And is not the most dramatic one. Take a look at Brian Bassey's pics showing people in Hong Kong forced to live in cages measuring just 6ft by 2 1/2ft.

That's all.

Melara, murales, polli
Melara, cassette delle lettere, pubblicità
Melara, citofono, finestra
Melara, murales, occhio
Melara, corridoio, finestre
Melara, edificio, scritta, vetro
Melara, panopticon,
Melara, interno
Melara, corridoio, ala blu, riflessi
Melara, corridoio, ala arancione
Melara, panchina, corridoio, ala blu
Melara, poltrona, ala gialla
Melara, finestra rotonda, donna riflessa
Melara, murales, occhi

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