venerdì 4 settembre 2015

Forced to live like animals

Some time ago I published a post about a group of Afghani people in Trieste, who have applied for and are hoping for the refugee-status, and who are playing cricket in an abandoned place near the railway station.
Well, following a suggestion of a friend of mine, two days ago I went back to that place and saw something that I feel the need to share with you.
For at least two months 150 to 200 men are living inside the old silo. They come mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also from the Iraqi Kurdistan. They fled from the war, they fled from the forced recruitment carried on by the Talebans, they fled from the slaughters committed by ISIS.
Now they are here, in Trieste, and their life conditions are definitely unacceptable: no toilets, no garbage cans, no tents, no water inside the ruined building. Just some cages and little "rooms" made of cardboards, which the asylum-seekers "built" on their own during the time.
The newly-arrived aren't so lucky and have to sleep on the floor or on beams collected here and there, without any protection against the rain (water seeps through the damaged roof) nor against the mosquitos. They brought from their countries just a few things and, as they told me, they need mostly shoes, clothes and blankets.
The most of them are allowed to go and eat at a soup kitchen ruled by Caritas, some of them are not, as they told me, because their asylum application was not yet recorded by the police (which means that at the moment they don't have right to any assistance). A few of them cook by themselves on fire (beans, bread, eggs, chicken). Mostly all of them go for toilet and for water to the railway station.
Some italian volunteers brought them food, clothes, shoes and helped them to clean a part of the building.
Three days ago, as reported by a local newspaper here, some officers of the public health authority, of the municipality and of ICS (the onlus who - briefly spoken - is in charge in Trieste of taking care of the asylum-seekers) came there. They recognized that life conditions there were unacceptable and pointed out the need to "clear". When? Maybe next week, as reported today by the same newspaper here. Authorities are looking for a solution.
I hope to give you good news as soon as possible.
That's all.

Pics where taken in the last three days. The last picture was taken three days ago. Yesterday morning the situation was the same.

Silos Trieste migranti

Silos Trieste migranti specchio

Silos Trieste migranti tenda
The cage

Silos Trieste migranti letti
Soon in the morning

Silos Trieste migrante dorme
Late in the afternoon

Silos Trieste migrante cucina
Boiling water

Silos Trieste migranti te
Drinking tea

Silos Trieste migranti preparazione pane
Preparing bread

Silos Trieste migranti risciacquo bicchieri
Washing glasses

Silos Trieste migranti pulizia personale
Cleaning feet

Silos Trieste migranti tetto
On the roof

Silos Trieste migranti interno edifichio
Going downstairs

Silos Trieste migranti interno edificio

Silos Trieste migranti asciugare panni
Drying clothes

Silos Trieste migranti interno riparo
This is where I live

Silos Trieste migranti gabbia
Behind bars
Silos Trieste migranti immondizie
Living in the garbage

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