giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

Welcome to the Academy of Madness

Dear friends,
I'm glad to introduce to you the "Academy of madness", a very special theatre group which, since the 70's, has been carrying on an important cultural project among people suffering of mental disease. As  Claudio Misculin, the director, says: "The madman can become an artistic talent, if only he is offered the possibility of exploring and performing other masks, different from the unique and over determined mask of the diseased man."
Last tuesday a crew of RAI, Italy's national public broadcasting company, came to Trieste and filmed  different situations related to the psychiatric reality in the town. Also Academy's actors where involved, while they were rehearsing some scenes of the piece: "I'm God and I don't want to heal".
As explained by Adriana Pannitteri, the RAI's journalist assigned to cover the story, the purpose of the filming in Trieste is to collect scenes and material for a documentary about the psychiatric assistance all over Italy. The documentary will air on RAI 1 in spring 2016.

So good luck to Adriana and good luck to the Academy of Madness: you are my angels!

That's all

Accademia della follia
Accademia della follia
Accademia della follia Dario Kuzma Claudio Misculin

My angels

Accademia della follia Giuseppe Feminiano
Accademia della follia Dario Kuzma
Accademia della follia Claudio Misculin

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